Be happy with what you have to be happy with.


Steve, are you there?

  • 64 bit, cocoa of course
  • GPU support for rendering, fx and Color.
  • Motion/Live Types font/text system in FCP. Real OSX font-experience!
  • Logic audiosystem in FCP timeline. Real audiomixing!!!
  • Integrated Cinema Tools. Better metadata!
  • RED/ARRI/H.264 support natively
  • 3D editing!!
  • ColorSync. No more gamma shifts. Be able to calibrate datamonitors/videomonitors with accurate colors thru colorsync.
  • DPX/Open EXR in timeline without render or extra plugins. Export as well.
  • LUT support.
  • Soundeffects/Music to be searchable in FCP just like in Logic.
  • Widescreen masking in realtime. Shoot in 16:9 framed to 2,35 and mask to 2,35 in realtime while editing for preview. Would be great!

Other ideas?


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